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Josephus does not indicate when within that time interval the death occurred. Lastly, in the December 29 eclipse the moon rose at 53 percent eclipse and its most visible aspect was over by 6 p.m.

Only four lunar eclipses occurred in the likely time frame: September 15, 5 B. It is the most likely of the four to have been noted and commented on.

Both Luke and Matthew mention Jesus’ birth as occurring during Herod’s reign (Luke 1:5; Matthew 2:1). This is generally regarded as a reference to a lunar eclipse in 4 B. Therefore it is often said that Jesus was born in 4 B. C., which would place Herod’s death—and Jesus’ birth—at the turn of the era. This date is based on Josephus’s remark in 17.6.4 that there was a lunar eclipse shortly before Herod died. Using so-called inclusive counting, this, too, places Herod’s death in 4 B. Third, we know that the reign over Samaria and Judea of Herod’s son and successor Archelaus began in 4 B. The difficulty is that we have a fair amount of information, but it is equivocal.

Cramer, in a letter to BAR, has pointed out that there was another lunar eclipse visible in Judea—in fact, two—in 1 B. based on the fact that both Luke and Matthew associate Jesus’ birth with Herod’s reign—Ed.] Readers may be interested to learn there is reason to reconsider the date of Herod’s death. Thus, Schürer concluded that “Herod died at Jericho in B. 4, unwept by those of his own house, and hated by all the people.” Jeroen H. Tempelman New York, New York Trying to date the death of Herod the Great is attended by considerable uncertainty, and I do not mean to claim I know the right answer. Tempelman does a good job of pointing out arguments in favor of a 4 B. date following the arguments advanced long ago by Emil Schürer.

The chamber, which was built in the times of the fall of the Visigothic kingdom, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 1998.

He presents circumstantial evidence that seems to suggest the rusty relics once nailed Jesus to the cross.

(Let's not even discuss Year Zero, seeing as this jockeying for Year One position occurred before the concept of zero had even been invented.) If we wanted to allow for commerce, trade, and simple communication across cultures to develop, we needed to be living in the same year. The Byzantine Empire started its first year in what was considered the year of creation (our 5509 B. The Church of Alexandria began its Year One in what is now 284 A. And two, when most people see it, they think it stands for Christian Era and Before Christian Era, so it doesn't really solve the problem people wanted to solve.” As the world continued to “shrink” due to the establishment of trade routes and expansion of population and as once-insular communities started opening up and exploring, a single Year One would have inevitably dominated.

The Greeks were among the first to try to get everyone running on the same year. D., to coincide with the rise of Roman emperor Diocletian into power. C.—that is, “before Christ”—wasn't introduced until 1627, by a French astronomer. D., so decided to figure that in by counting backwards. The specifics of which one are not particularly important.

The shroud is currently the greatest treasure in a cathedral of Oviedo, Spain.

The Shroud of Oviedo is located in the chapel of St.

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The Varsity Club keeps you up-to-date with team records, highlights, and behind-the-scenes information about Harvard's 42 varsity teams.

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